Brian Fox was a cartographer with the Department of Lands until his early retirement in 2011. He is now able to focus on his loves of the bush, nature, history and walking.

His love of history leads Fox to discover the how, when, where and why each place name was developed in the Blue Mountains. He explores why these names appeared on, or were removed from, topographic maps.

Fox’s detailed description of Blue Mountains’ place names reveals an intimate knowledge of the area achieved through both diligent research and direct experience of the areas he describes, from the Gardens of Stone to the Nepean River.

The Blue Mountains Geographical Encyclopaedia is attractively presented with 180 coloured photos, including 70 different Blue Mountain waterfalls, which illustrate his work.

The Encyclopaedia is an excellent and essential reference for bushwalkers, historians or any person interested in the story of the Blue Mountains. It deserves a place in every home.

Blue Mountains Geographical Encyclopedia by Brian Fox, Michael Keats, John Fox