Tocal is one of the premier estates of the Hunter Region. A book has just been published on Caleb Wilson, the second owner of Tocal, by Jean Archer.

Caleb Wilson bought the property in 1834 and it remained in the hands of the Wilson family until 1907. He had arrived in the Colony of New South Wales as a free settler in 1804 with his two small children, his wife having died during the voyage from England. He was a tailor by trade, but he initially was granted 100 acres on the Hawkesbury River at what is now Richmond.

From thosebeginnings he became one of the wealthiest men in the Colony. He did this through continuing in his trade, working his land, lending money and holding mortgages and by establishing a large import business with a warehouse and shop in George Street, Sydney.

Caleb Wilson Owner of Tocal 1834 - 1838 by Jean Archer