This is a story of an Australian family over the last 200 years, 1810-2010. It is about James Richards, a convict, and his wife, Mary Ann Eaton, born in Australia of convict parents.

In the next generations, the family improved their lives and fortunes in Australia, beyond what they could have achieved in England. Their son, Benjamin, was to found Australia’s first private meatworks at Riverstone NSW. He and his son, Robert provided Australia’s first frozen meat and butter for export to England in 1880, thus laying the foundations of our export meat and butter trade, which became important parts of Australia’s trading wealth in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In just one generation, from convict to company director and magistrate, Benjamin was a breeder of race horses and actively involved in the Hawkesbury community.

From Rags to Richards - The Story of Benjamin Richards by Diana Hazard