This book examines the relationships between two societies in the early years of Australia: the Aboriginal population and the new colonists. The arrival of the First Fleet heralded monumental and often catastrophic changes to the lives of the indigenous peoples living between the Blue Mountains and the sea. As the British settlement spread out from Sydney Cove, the next 28 years saw frequent flare-ups of violence, as disputes over precious resources erupted and the Aboriginal people's oneness with the land was challenged. Aboriginal raids on isolated farms would often be followed by a totally disproportionate reprisal from the military and settlers. However, even during this turmoil, colonists and Aborigines often knew each other well, and trust and friendship remained constant throughout the periods of bloodshed. The First Frontier delves into the background of these people who experienced events - tragic and otherwise - that occurred up until the end of hostilities in the Sydney Region in 1816.

The First Frontier 1788-1816 by Peter Turlest