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Sydney has a rich and complex Aboriginal heritage, despite its bustling urban presence. Hidden within its burgeoning city landscape, lie layers of a vibrant culture and turbulent history. Aboriginal Sydney shows readers how and where to look.

The first edition of Aboriginal Sydney established itself as authoritative, informative and culturally appropriate. This new edition contains new sites and illustrations. It operates as an authorative guide book with clear maps, travelling instructions and stories of significant people and events. It is also an alternative social history, told through precincts of significance to the city's indigenous people.

Both physical and cultural sites are included:

  • rock art and middens in national parks
  • points of early contact and conflicts around the harbour
  • sites of 'civilising experiments' in the west
  • places of protest, civil rights action and community pride in Redfern and La Perouse
  • cultural centres, galleries, museums and theatres

Aboriginal Sydney Second Edition by Melinda Hickson and Alana Harris

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