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If you would like to know the correct method of hand-wringing wet sheets, or how to cook Wally’s Murray Cod in wet sand, or how to tan easily, or how to get a good complexion, or any of a thousand and more extraordinary things, you’’ find them in this book.


200 pages of recipes, hints on correct etiquette, snippets of poetry, homilies ot the time, and excerpts from diaries and letters. These give you a much better picture of how people lived and thought in those days than you could get from any history book.


This book was compiled by Mrs. Lorna Prescott and the ladies of Sovereign Hill Historical Museum. The material was donated by descendants of early settlers, and is all remarkably true.


With this book at your elbow in the kitchen, your family will be astonished at some of the dishes you will be able to make for them! And who knows how many of the 1850 remedies will still work today? Excuse us, while we whip up a batch of Aunt Bessie’s Buns…..But first we’d better look at our leech in the bottle to see what the weather will be like tomorrow…..

Australia Early Settlers Household Lore by N. Prescott

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