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Bruny d’ Entrecasteaux and his encounter with Tasmanian Aborigines; from Provence to Recherche Bay.

Born in the eighteenth-century Aix-en-Provence to French nobility, Bruny d’Entrecasteaux enjoyed a distinguished naval career as an intrepid navigator and diplomat before family tragedy struck. Dispatched by King Louis XVI in 1791, on a quest to find the missing explorer La Perouse and to conduct extensive scientific surveys, d’Entrecasteaux embarked on a mission which saw, the two small frigates, Recherche and Esperance eventually take shelter from a storm in south-eastern Tasmania in 1792. It was here in Recherche Bay in 1793 (on a return visit the following year) that the expeditioners had a remarkable encounter with Tasmanian Aborigines. Remarkable because of their mutual curiosity and goodwill and remarkable because it is so little known and understood in Australia, or indeed French history.

Bruny D'Entrecasteaux by Dianne Johnson

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