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The settlement of the Coromandel settlers at Portland Head was a new experiment for the Hawkesbury. And what people of quality the eight Coromandel families attracted to join them in establishing their community – Thomas Ardell, Paul Bushel, Owen Cavanough, John Grono, and William Jacklin, Lewis Jones and John Suddis and their families. Not only were they to become successful farmers and build Ebenezer Church and school, but they were also to contribute to the colony as magistrate, chief constable, juror, explorer ……

The fifteen families that are regarded as pioneers of the Ebenezer Church ‘were no mere adventurers …. They were honest, virile, brave and God-fearing folk …. They were frugal, hard-working, intelligent and serious-minded. They brought with them their religious principles, their desire for education and their love of good government.

Their contribution has received little recognition in the history of our nation but surely they have earned an honoured place among Australia’s early builders.

Ebenezer Church Australia's Oldest by Ted Brill

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