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This publication is the Journal of the Hawkesbury Historical Society. The journal comprises lectures presented to the Society in the period to 2006. The lectures contained in this publication are as follows: -

Celebrating 50 Years                                                              Jan Barkley-Jack

John Tebbutt – The Man on the Moon                                    Sean Flavin

The Hawkesbury Museum and Information Centre                 Alan Aldrich

Motoring in the Hawkesbury                                                   Graham Clayton

Andrew Thompson’s Farm                                                      Jan Barkley-Jack

Sackville Reach Remembered                                                 Jonathan Auld

The Hawkesbury Commons                                                    Bruce Baskerville

George William Evans and the Hawkesbury                             Ian Jack

Archaeological Adventures within the Thompson

                Square Precinct                                                       Judy Newland

Hawkesbury History in Print                                                     Michelle Nichols


Spanning The Centuries Hawkesbury History Vol. 1 by Hawkesbury Historical Soc.

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