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This book includes transcribed records from St Philips Chapel of Ease, North Richmond (formerly called 'Enfield'), St James Church, Kurrajong Heights and Salis Flats Mission Church (later known as 'St John the Evangelist'), Salis Flats (also formerly referred to as 'Sallys Flats', and today known as 'The Slopes').
Together with the transcription of Marriages, Baptisims and Burials a history of Kurrajong's first church and school is documented, along with the subsequent history of the building of the associated churches as we know them today.
A rather inclusive and detailed history of the individual lives of the St Stephen's parish clergy has created interesting reading. Along with gazetted records of a number of social happenings and a further chapter on stories behind the headstones, the publication indeed offers insights into the lives of the early settlers of The Kurrajong.

St. Stephens Church Parish Register Vol. 1 1861-1902 by Kurrajong-Comleroy F/H

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